Monday, September 22

Foods that should not be given to babies under 12 months

  • Honey, this is due to a bacteria that can be present in honey that can cause Infant Botulism. After a baby is a year old, the intestine matures and the bacteria is unable to grow.
  • Salt, you should never add salt to baby’s meals, it puts a strain on their kidneys and causes dehydration.
  • Sugar, there is really little need to add sugar unless you are using a fruit that is very sour. Adding sugar can increases the risk of tooth decay when your baby’s teeth start to come through.
  • Unpasteurized cheeses, as there is a risk of listeria infection.
    Fish and shellfish, many babies can have allergies to shell fish and there is a slight risk of food poisoning from fish so it is recommended that you do not give them before six months.
  • Nuts and seeds, Peanut butter or any nut spreads should not be given to babies and in fact it is recommended that it is not given to children under three, provided there is no history nut allergy in the family. Nuts are not recommended before the age of five due to the risk of choking.